Evolving the Art of Calligraphy with @seblester

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"I suppose there is a ‘letterform evangelist’ aspect to my Instagram account," says illustrator and calligrapher Seb Lester (@seblester), “but calligraphy has an immediacy, and most people seem to appreciate it on some level.”

"Learning calligraphy is a wonderful journey through history for me," Seb explains. "My work blends my knowledge of the ancient art of calligraphy with my knowledge of modern design and technology." Sharing through Instagram, Seb says, mirrors this blending of the old and new. "I think it’s an excellent example of how well this ancient art form can translate to the Internet."



Six Rivers Brewery 

Like its larger local beer brethren at Eel River and Lost Coast breweries, Six Rivers Brewery operates a vibrant brew pub—a social and cultural hub in its Humboldt enclave. 75% of the beer produced at Six Rivers goes right through the tap and never leaves the premises. It’s this reason that their distinct micro brews haven’t reached the masses and the few brews that have aren’t the ones that catch your eye on the shelves. My objective was to bring Six Rivers Brewery into a more modern space by updating current package design that enables the brewery to “stand out in a sea of sameness” from other Northern California establishments.

I aimed to highlight and play-up the distinctiveness of each beer through design and lifestyle branding while still retaining the heritage of the brewery’s core brand values. Each beer has its own personality and everything from the custom illustrations to the packaging materials reflect the vibe of Humboldt and the uniqueness of each micro brew. Today, breweries need to cater to a younger craft beer audience and an arena where names like Stone Brewery, Lost Coast, Lagunitas, and 21st Ammendment are the big players.

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